The Role of DevOps in Custom Software Development

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In today’s fast-paced technology world, there is a need for speedy custom software development. But, “Is a quality check enough to ensure that developers are following the right coding principles? As this is not the only concern, a restructuring of the entire project ecosystem is required. DevOps (“development + operations”), is such a cultural phenomenon that brings the development and operations together in an organization to entertain all issues. It sets better collaboration and communication among software engineering, IT operations, and quality assurance teams to cater to market demands in shorter times. Let’s dig deeper to know the role of DevOps in custom software development that gives clean coding, bug-free testing, and the fastest deliverables.

Custom Software Development and DevOps

Teams are full of versatile skills and assure that there will be a proper amalgam of new and old skills for faster deployment services. To implement this, the modern software engineering approach of DevOps has the two main elements of culture and production-first mindset. These elements allow organizations to improve in no time. Its popularity can be estimated from the statistics over the past years. In 2017, DevOps generated revenue of $2.9 billion and expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2022.

Purpose of using DevOps Development

The main goals of DevOps in custom software development are as follows:

  • It finds the pain-points in the development and operations system.
  • It authorizes the company to innovate, change and develop faster.
  • It provides more reliable and impactful approaches that involve lesser risks.
  • It not only increases the deployment rate but also decreases the failure rates for new launches.
  • It improves the efficiency, security, and maintainability of the operational processes.
  • It lessens the gap between the processes and priorities of the different groups, to contribute equally in achieving the goals.

DevOps for Mobile App Development

Mobile DevOps follows the same culture and practices as Devops but the difference is of tooling required for integration. For example, mobile apps need SDKs that respond to app crashes whereas web apps integrate logging and application performance management SDKs. Though both are leading to similar goals of – minimizing the work in progress, highest quality UI/UX, and automated delivery processes.


Either used for custom software development or mobile apps, DevOps provides many advantages as follows:

Faster release time:

When operations and development teams come together, it lessens the time spent on synchronization. So, reduces the time for development by solving the communication issues.

Creation of a better application:

DevOps reduces communication barriers, so the time spent earlier to resolve these issues will now be utilized for improving the user experiences. The concept of DevOps ensures instant feedback, reporting as well as more transparency to development. It refactors and optimizes the UX by troubleshooting issues.

Reduced bottlenecks:

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Not only the communication gap, but DevOps also removes many bottlenecks for giving high-quality products. Including ownership issues, manual testing process, workflow instability, inconsistent development environment, etc.

Saving time by using the right resources:

DevOps provides stable development, staging, and production operating environments for faster features delivery, new build, and updates.


On the whole, 6 C’s are necessary to implement DevOps- Continuous planning, continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous monitoring, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. Therefore, it reduces risks and gives better quality products. If you are also looking for devops development, you can hire “Your Dedicated Developers” – one of the best custom software development companies that have extensive experience in delivering perfect products!!