Top 12 PHP Libraries to Accelerate Web App Development

Top 12 PHP Libraries to Accelerate Web App Development

PHP is a powerful backend language which is used by more than 80% of web developers. The simplicity of the PHP library or framework is one of the reasons why web developers prefer it. It is one of the most dynamic applications due to its programming structure and development-friendly web functionalities. It enables developers to create dynamic applications for web developers as well as web owners. Writing PHP code can be a time-consuming task for any web developer.
In many cases, we must start from scratch and that may add to the workload of web developers. To lighten the load, built-in PHP libraries were added. Coders and developers discovered that they could easily configure the development function by utilizing these libraries.


Here is the list of some of the best PHP libraries


1.   Assert

Assertions are common in many languages and can be used to easily test the inputs and outputs of functions. Basically, assert statements execution proceeds to the next statement only if the statement is true; otherwise, an error with fine details is displayed. The Assert library includes some built-in messages, but you can customize them to meet your needs.


2.  FuelPHP

Fuel PHP image

FuelPHP is a PHP framework that can be extended and is not limited to the Model-View-Controller design pattern (MVC). In between the Controller and View layers, the framework adds a voluntary class known as the Presenter Class. This framework focuses on security and assists developers in using features such as input and URI filtering, as well as output encoding. Other features include vulnerability protection, a caching system, and a routing system.


3. Mink

Mink is another well-known PHP library on the list. It allows you to monitor whether your web apps and the browser are interacting properly. Mink provides an authentic testing environment by eliminating the API differences between the two types of browser emulators. PHPUnit, Behat, and Symfony2 are also supported.


4.  Laravel

Laravel, which was released in 2011, is the most critical and popular PHP library. Since its initial release, the framework has dominated the charts and is widely used for web development. One of the reasons Laravel is a web developer’s favorite is its ability to handle complex web applications with greater security than other frameworks. Additionally, the library simplifies development by reducing the complexity of sessions, routing, and authentication.
The framework also includes a Homestead-Vagrant box, which makes development easier.


5.  CakePHP

CakePHP is an open-source web, rapid development framework that makes building web applications simpler, faster and require less code

CakePHP, which debuted in the year 2000, was the first MVC framework to hit the market. Significant updates have occurred over time, providing web developers with an excellent opportunity to create a well-improved website. The best thing about CakePHP is the coding conventions. That is, you can master its convention set while focusing on development. CakePHP provides a variety of component sets that aid in the web development process.


6.  Phalcon

Phalcon is a C-extension for a full-stack PHP framework. One of the most appealing aspects of Phalcon is its speed and limited resource set when compared to other frameworks. Since its inception, the framework has received regular updates, and with each new update, developers have access to new features. ORM, MVC, and caching are all supported in the current version.


7.  Guzzle

Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client library that helps you send HTTP requests that can be used in conjunction with web services.
It provides a simple interface for creating query strings, POST requests, HTTP cookies, and a variety of other attributes. Guzzle can also be used to send synchronous and asynchronous requests through a similar interface.


8.  CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter PHP library

CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP system that has been around Since 2006. CodeIgniter has a very simple setup procedure that requires only a minor design, which can save you a lot of time. It’s also an excellent choice if you want to avoid PHP rendition issues, as it works well on all shared and dedicated hosting platforms.
CodeIgniter is not entirely based on the MVC advancement pattern. The use of Controller classes is unquestionably required; however, Models and Views are optional, and you can use your own coding and naming tradition that CodeIgniter provides incredible flexibility to developers.


9.  Swiftmailer

Swiftmailer is a library that greatly simplifies your web app’s mailing operations. It has a variety of features for sending emails. Swiftmailer also has security features. It can protect emails from header injection attacks without removing the request data content, which is extremely useful!


10. Zend Framework

Zend Framework PHP library

Zend Framework is extendable because of features such as interfaces and inheritance. This framework is based on the agile methodology for enterprise-level high-quality applications. The framework is object-oriented and built to keep the website’s speed and security high.
Zend includes a plethora of components for tasks such as authentication, forms, services, and others. It includes a drag-and-drop editor, a coding tool, and a scalable interface. It is one of the problematic frameworks, and the beginner must learn about it before using it.


11. HOA

Hoa is a collection of PHP libraries that recommends essential paradigms, algorithms, and mechanisms for website reliability. It is a modular, structured, and extensible library set that aims to bridge the gap between the industrial and research worlds.
Hoa’s libraries include Acl, Compiler, Consistency, Console, Graph, and others.


12. PChart

PChart is a PHP library that helps in the creation of visually appealing charts from text data.
You can use this library to display data as bar charts, pie charts, and a variety of other formats. The PHP script in this case makes use of SQL queries to display data in the form of visually appealing charts or graphs.



PHP frameworks and libraries include features that can help with the web development process. Your Dedicated Developers is a Web Development Company That uses the most recent and best PHP libraries in its PHP web development, and provides the best features and has community support for better development. The use of the PHP library is determined by the requirements and factors such as scalability, security, and others.