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Development managers have a high demanding position of choosing a team to execute different projects. They have the option to get freelancers or hire a dedicated team to get the same benefits under one roof.

These choices have become much more critical in the background of the evolution of project development of apps, websites, software solutions, etc. The decision needs a careful review of the project needs, time demands and project budget, etc.

Before you make your decision here is a brief on what both the terms mean one by one.

Dedicated Developers

The team of dedicated developers will come from a software development company. The organization will have full-time engagement in the development of the services needed to complete the task with precision, quality and within the stipulated time.

The client has a dependable relationship with an official agreement. Like a non-disclosure agreement that provides for a common understanding of the relation and working structure between both parties.

A dedicated team ensures continuous development and product support.

As it is a dedicated company it will use official software and enterprise-grade tools to execute and manage the delivery of the solutions the client is seeking.

Experts cite some advantages of hiring dedicated developers:-

  • Specific expertise
  • Development team or resources
  • Quality and commitment
  • Assured availability
  • Daily communication
  • Competitive and fixed pricing
  • Effective support and maintenance

Here are some additional benefits of hiring a dedicated development team. Read here.


Freelancers get hired basically to accomplish very particular and short term projects for the client. The bond and commitment are on a short term agreement.

The parameters of the agreement are bound by a very short time frame and a quick requirement.

Online platforms like Fiverr and Upwork provide freelancers with different specific skills and expertise at extremely affordable rates.

Although some factors need to get considered before hiring freelancers:-

  • Quality portfolio
  • Previous client’s recommendations
  • Competitive pricing
  • Communication skills
  • Security
  • Compliance to quality and directives
  • Quality support and maintenance

Differences between Dedicated developers and Freelance developers

Written above was the brief on both types of developers. Below is a side by side description between dedicated developers and Freelance developers for better understanding of the difference between the working of both the developers: –

  • The dedicated team is more bound to supply you with the right skill sets and personnel to maintain its brand image. The company is more duty-bound to spread positive word of mouth by its clients.

The freelancers don’t have that enterprise-grade system in place to handle projects. They don’t have the additional amenities a company possesses in case of problems.

  • A dedicated team works under a company or an organization. Every organization works with a certain set of rules and regulations in place for systematic and smooth daily working operations.

Freelancers don’t work under any such rules and regulations. They work independently and as such have no set structure. Therefore, they lack any clear methodology to complete daily tasks and satisfy demands, and feedback from clients.

  • Dedicated developers in comparison to their less organized counterparts show much more focus on quality and meeting deadlines.

Freelancers generally don’t show that level of commitment and concern. Freelancers rarely meet through video calls and as such have less credibility.

  • A company or brand has invested time, money and resources. All these factors are put into procuring enterprise-grade management tools for smoother execution of work. Freelancers though don’t possess such resources as most freelancers work independently.

They don’t have such industry-grade tools and their work is bound to suffer as a result. Plus, the contract, in this case, is not fixed and this may cause delays in delivery of the product.

  • On average, companies housing dedicated developers show more success. The reasons some say are quite obvious with the supply of skilled and experienced programmers who work under a structured and systematic IT set up that already stands well-established.

There is provision for the situation if you feel dissatisfied with the existing programmer and wish to add more or a unique set of programmers to the task at hand. The company will be able to help you quickly.

Things are entirely different in the case of freelancers. The road to recovery is much more troublesome with a freelancer as they don’t have much backup in terms of resources and talent.

If you want to search for another freelancer for better work then it will involve a lot of searching, deliberation and time. This means a waste of money and valuable time.

  • Companies sign NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with the client at the time of getting hired to win client confidence and assure commitment to the project. This is a formal way to make the client feel trust in the dedicated developers.

Freelancers don’t sign any such contract although paperwork gets signed by them due to security reasons. So, the reliability factor is much less for freelancers who have much less to lose. As such compliance and commitment are not as high as a company.

  • Dedicated teams have the resources of a company that always strives to stay ahead of the curve in market competition. Thus, they are quick to grasp the latest technology to give the edge to their dedicated team to meet the client’s requirements the best.

On the other hand, freelancers are a largely unorganized market. Their status on keeping up to date with new technology is spotty at best. This results in them not leaving a positive impression on the client and suffering in terms of getting hired.

  • The dedicated developer’s team has under the written contract to provide maintenance and support to clients even after completion of the project. The work doesn’t end with the delivery of the product. It aims to completely satisfy the customer.

Freelancers don’t have that level of commitment though. They are not contractually bound to assist once they have delivered their end of the promised work. The client has to separately pay them extra in case the client the customer needs further assistance in maintenance and support.


It can seem appealing to choose freelancers to handle different aspects of the project. One thing at a time you can work on the project and divide the work, and finance over time. Plus, they are cheaper as they don’t have the extra costs a company has. But the advantages explained above make it clear the obvious advantages a client gets for that extra cost.

But if you are wondering that “How much would it cost to hire Dedicated Developers”, you’ll get an idea here!!

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